Information About The Rikvip Case

Information About The Rikvip Case

Before committing the crime, Nguyen Van Duong was the chairman of the board of directors of UDIC company and the director of CNC company, involved in construction and online payment gateway activities. Duong invested a significant amount of capital in these two companies, but did not achieve the expected success.

It was only when Duong met Phan Sao Nam and learned about the plan to develop online gaming portals in Vietnam that Nguyen Van Duong embarked on his illegal money-making path. Duong acted as the connector between Phan Sao Nam and high-ranking officials in the police force to legitimize the illegal operations of the gaming portal. At the same time, he managed the payment gateway for players to deposit money when gambling on the Rikvip gaming portal.

In 2018, Vietnam was stirred by a billion-dollar online gambling case announced by the police, involving a sum of trillions of dong and spanning across 13 provinces and cities. This case stood out due to the enormous profits involved and the involvement of many key individuals, including two leading defendants in the gambling operation and several high-ranking police officials.

The two defendants, Phan Sao Nam and Nguyen Van Duong, established two gaming portals, Rikvip and, for players to participate in online card games and make payments through an intermediary unit. These defendants connected with two high-ranking police officials, Nguyen Thanh Hoa and Phan Van Vinh, to legitimize the operation process.

It was only when a citizen reported being hacked and losing money from their account that the special task force began investigating and discovered that all the transactions originated from the Rikvip gaming portal. From there, the billion-dollar gambling case gradually unfolded, and the defendants had to take legal responsibility for their wrongdoing. Among them, Nguyen Van Duong received the highest sentence of 10 years in prison and had to repay an amount of up to 1.7 trillion dong.

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