Do you Make These Ultraman Merchandise Errors?

In high school, Wataru was recognized to be a professional-rugby participant and turned into a representative of Japan’s nationwide rugby group, now a member of Xios Rugby Crew, throughout certain matches. Aged 19 years old initially in the collection, Asuna celebrated her twentieth birthday in episode 3. Despite her tomboyish attitude, Asuna goals to be extra feminine and has a powerful pleasure as a lady in the group. Asuna Yamase is portrayed by Akane Sakanoue, Sakanoue Akane. Asuna Yamase, Yamase Asuna is a female Xio officer that is an expert in ground combat and practices martial arts. He is also a skilled pilot in-house, beating Hayato, his rival, whos uncommonly good in aerial combat.

Within the fight subject, Asuna normally drives the Land Musketty in opposition to monsters. Someday later, Pedanium Zetton was utilized for hunting Gubila, a little Star host across town. He used his information of Geed Royal Mega-Grasp to overpower, stating earlier that Gubila paralyzed him long enough for Geed to counterattack. He has been working in Xio for six years and has a bit of a brother named Isamu that follows in his footstep as a rugby player. The U-Toms are a tribute to the equally named robotic from episode 17 of Ultra Seven. In Ultraman Geed the Movie, Geed obtains a new ultimate form known as Ultimate Ultimate, Urutimeito Fainaru that he assumes by utilizing the Evolution Capsule and a pole-arm known as Giga Finalizer, Giga Fainaraizā, a weapon that was created on Planet Kushia whose residents referred to as it Purple Steel, Akaki Hagane.

His strongest finisher of this kind is Crescent Ultimate Geed, Kuresento Fainaru Jīdo. Grigio, Guruji: A monster form of her namesake, her first transformation by the Gyro. Close to the finale, Wataru was thought to be killed by Greeza alongside Mamoru, who instead survived and managed to hitch the teammates off their remaining battle. In the very last episode, she rescued Daichi after he was trapped in our online world due to Xs kamikaze attack in defeating Geeza. She is partnered ultraman Official Merch with Daichi throughout undercover missions. As a toddler, Daichi is portrayed by Leo Ichinose Ichinose Reo. As a baby, Riku is portrayed by Tōya Shimizu, Shimizu Tōya.